About Us

Our Mission

Stoney Creek Storm Basketball Club is a volunteer organization committed to the enjoyment and development of basketball skills and team play while promoting active participation, community fellowship and individual growth.

Our Beliefs

Our goal is to provide a quality basketball program to the boys and girls of Stoney Creek Mountain and Binbrook districts, whereby they can learn the rules of the game and develop their individual skills to the highest level of their ability.

The Stoney Creek Storm representative and house league teams will focus on developing basketball and life skills for young athletes in a fun and rewarding environment through experienced, certified coaches on the court and a member-based, hard-working volunteer club off the court.

Our Community

Players are welcomed from all regions, but a minimum of 75% of players involved in the program must reside on Stoney Creek Mountain or Binbrook districts.

As a non-profit volunteer organization, we rely on the strengths of volunteers of all ages (high school – adult) to help with our program. There is always the need for coaches, assistant coaches, scorekeepers, and various other voluntary roles.

Volunteers are an integral part of our organization. Even though there is no financial reward for the time and efforts, there are plenty of smiles from the players and that is what our club is all about …. the children and the love of basketball.

If you are interested in providing leadership and guidance to children in our community through volunteering with Stoney Creek Storm Basketball, please send us an email.

Fair Play Policy

Fair Play vs. Equal Play

Storm players, parents, and coaches who are new to the Stoney Creek Storm Basketball Club must be aware of our organization philosophy in terms of the Rep Team Program. This philosophy was developed to ensure the overall skill development of all players in the program. Each player is not as dedicated as the next, therefore those players who attend summer camps, practice on their own, and are striving to improve themselves during practice will be a better player. This is why our organization has adopted the practice of Fair Play over the idea of Equal Play

Equal Play

Equal Play suggests that all players should play the same amount of time as their teammates regardless of skill, attitude, and attendance at practices and games. In other words, if you pay and show up, you play. This philosophy is used in our house league program. Ontario Basketball Association (OBA) rules state each player must play a minimum number of shifts. This is mandatory at the Novice, Atom, and Major Atom levels of Provincial play

Fair Play

Fair Play was developed to encourage all players to strive to improve their skill level. If players attend all practices, work hard, and learn new skills and plays, they will be awarded court time regardless of their current ability. All coaches try to run a practice that is as close to game speed as possible, however each player must see real game action to develop their skills, and put those skills they have learned into practice in a real game situation.

Our Philosophy

The Stoney Creek Storm philosophy of Fair Play incorporates two principles. The first principle is that all players who attend practice and work hard with a good attitude should be awarded court time throughout the game, to reward them for their dedication, and allow them to use the skills they have developed.

The second principle used within the confines of fair play would be to further reward those players who have achieved a higher level of play by making the second half a time when the best players are going to see more time than the others.

Ideally, we hope that all the players will see the floor in the final quarter if only for a minute, however all players play to win and have fun, so the coaches must use their best discretion to balance the needs of all the players.

If a player misses practices and/or games, they should not expect to play as much as the rest of the team. Each practice is important for the skill development of the players, and teaching of the team plays, therefore the player who misses practices will be behind the others.

Guide to Playing Time

We would like to expand on our philosophy of Fair Play vs Equal Play and how we put it into practice when determining a player’s playing time.

At the Novice, Atom, and Major Atom level, the Ontario Basketball Association (OBA) rules state that each player must play a minimum number of shifts per game. The Stoney Creek Storm philosophy goes one step further in that all players should have a chance to play during the last quarter of a game even if it is only for 2 minutes. We feel this is necessary at this level to encourage participation and learning.

The Storm philosophy of Fair Play is represented by two factors; Attendance and Attitude.

Attendance and Participation in Practice

Players who do not attend practice will not know what is expected of them at games therefore, they do not deserve, nor is there any justification in having them play equally with the players that are always there. Missing one practice is not grounds for dismissal or benching, which is not something we are in the practice of doing, but the players and their parents need to know that chronic absenteeism will be.

The same will apply to players missing games due to injury or other reasons. For example, if a player misses 1 or 2 games of a tournament and then shows up to the championship game, even though they have driven a long way, they cannot be expected to receive equal time during the final game. The other players have committed themselves to the whole weekend and contributed to the team making it that far and therefore should see more court time.

Attitude and Behaviour

All of our coaches volunteer their time to teach their players about the game of basketball. They do this in a positive atmosphere and we expect our players to act accordingly. If a player’s attitude is detrimental to the team, they may be removed from that team. We have never had a problem with this and we do not anticipate it happening this year.

Equal Play vs Win At All Costs

All players will play equally if all players attend practices, attitude is positive and their skill levels are the same. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Some players are stronger than others and because of this we try to create a balance between the Equal Play and Win at All Costs philosophies. However, there will be times when players will see more court time than others. This may occur during close games and during championship competitions. This decision will be left to the discretion of the coaches.